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Budget Friendly Best Watches That You Can Afford For Men

Automatic watches are often associated with expensive timepieces worth $500 or more.. While this is true, there are some gems that are affordable and still have amazing looks. Here are a few of them that you may pick from for between $80 and $200 in our store.


Citizen NH8388

They almost exclusively use a solar quartz mechanism called Eco-Drive in their automatic watches under $200. A steal of a device in Citizen's inventory is the NH8388. Due to its limited water resistance of 100m, it cannot be considered a true dive watch. 

However, even if you swim in a pool, this is all you need. Take a closer look at this beast if you're ready to let that go:

  • Reading the time is simple thanks to the prominent arrow on the hour hand, the glowing orange minute hand, and the plain hour markers.
  • It has a spinning unidirectional bezel that is completely functioning.
  • Your wrist won't be poked by the crown at 4 o'clock.

It doesn't seem like you need that last thing. until you discover that this 46 mm watch is actually quite large. 

However, this Citizen is a wonderful choice if you have large wrists and are seeking for a reasonably priced automatic watch with a tool watch aesthetic.



Seiko Recraft

 This amazing Seiko's case shape and color are a super-refreshing throwback to the 1970s; you just don't see this kind of design very often. There are many retro-inspired designs in Seiko's Recraft series, but I believe the SNKP27 is the greatest of them all.

 Not because of the specifications; in fact, it has rather standard features like:

  • water resistance for 50 meters
  • a movement without hacking or hand-winding
  • a really uninteresting (but appropriate) leather strap

But you simply can't ignore the dial and overall look. It appears fantastic! The green sunburst dial makes a fantastic play with the light. The hour indicators and gold-plated hands complete the look wonderfully. At its finest, vintage-chic!

But the watch's outer portion of the dial with converging rays and the 10-sided day and date window frame are 2 minor design touches that are hidden in plain sight and make it a really fascinating timepiece. 

Don't let the 40 mm case and 46 mm lug to lug distance fool you, though. This watch wears a little larger than a conventional circular watch because of its square shape. But you shouldn't have any trouble wearing this quirky gem if your wrists are 6.5 inches or longer.


Orient Mako II 

Maybe you've never heard of the Orient brand. Nevertheless, it truly belongs to the Seiko Epson Corporation. So you immediately receive a watch from a serious, reputable brand while being largely unnoticed by the general public.

You may now get a lot of watch for your money with the Mako. It also functions as a sort of Rolex Explorer substitute. 

However, it's also loaded with excellent features, which is really surprising given the cost:

  • a 120-click bezel with a lumed pip
  • a screw-down crown with internal automatic movement that can be wound by hand and
  •  has a 200 m water resistance

The tiny lug-to-lug distance, along with the curved case form, creates a watch that fits a wide range of wrist sizes very well. It is a 41.5 mm watch, yes. But because to the recessed bezel and general case shape, I can say from my experience that it wears more like a 40 mm watch. 

Given how reasonably priced this watch is given its features and construction, you will totally excuse its lack of a sapphire crystal and sturdy end links.


Invicta Pro Diver

 This Invicta Pro Diver is a more affordable homage to the Rolex Submariner, this design will undoubtedly be recognized. Yes, the quality won't be as high as the Submariner. After all, this watch is only 1/100th the cost of the genuine article. However, having seen both in person, I can guarantee that you'll enjoy them at least 80% of the time! 

This dive watch is the best there is, even if you don't like the brand inscribed on the side of the case. It features:

  • Water resistance of 200 m (as well as a screw-down crown)
  • a 120-click bezel that is perfectly aligned (you don't always get this on budget diving watches)
  • a hand-winding and hacking Seiko movement

They had to make some compromises in order to offer so much at such a low price, such as employing a rattly bracelet or poor lume. However, because of the superb build quality and value for the money, this is not a deal-breaker for me. 

Wearing such a fantastic item for such a modest cost is thrilling, somehow. As soon as you wear it on your wrist, you'll understand what I'm talking about!

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