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Top Five Women's Luxury Watches for the Holidays

The holiday season comes with its own trappings, adventure and of course, fun. It would also be no holiday if gifts are not exchanged and love is shared.
Women’s love for clothing and accessories is purely unrivalled and known world over. That makes the gift of a wristwatch one of the most perfect you can get any woman.
During this holiday season, here are the best watches for women on sale.
You should definitely get one of these watches for women for the people in your life.
The Raymond Weil Company is well known for curating watches for women as well as timepieces for men. The Raymond Weil Tango two-tone watch is a sleek timepiece for women that feature a stainless-steel casing as well as hand. This is joined with a yellow gold toned bezel. If it takes two to tango like the old saying goes, the stainless steel and gold hands of the Tango two-tone watch make a perfect match. The watch is resistant to water up to 50-meter depth and the 18-karat yellow gold bezel blends well with the silver dial that is spiked with gold ends. The impressive watch tops the list of watches for women that you can buy as a gift.
You can order the Raymond Weil Tango Two-tone stainless watch here
The Cartier tank watch is a unisexual watch, however, it tends towards the design for watches for women. This holiday season, the Cartier tank is one of the watches for women on sale. The timeless elegance of the watch, alongside the modern approachability has made it a staple for luxury watches enthusiasts. The fact that has been donned by a lot of iconic ladies, including Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie and former first lady, Michelle Obama who favored the watch in her official white house portrait makes it an instant hit as a gift for women. The silver dial of the watch is set with blue hands hovering over the black bold Arabic numerals. All of these is encased in the square-faced bezel that is fastened by the stainless-steel bracelet. The Cartier tank is also water-resistant up to 30 meters.
You can order the Cartier tank here
There are arguably few other watches for women that combine simplicity and elegance like the Frederique constant watch for women. A white inlaid watch bezel which seem simple but is set with diamonds, the black roman digits and the silver guilloche dial which is set with a mother of pearl inlay all seem simple, classy and yet luxurious. The date display function is located at the 6:30 mark and the watch is capped with a scratch resistant sapphire crown. The watch is adorned with a grey leather strap as well. The swiss-made Frederique constant is a casual watch and you could throw in a sunshade with the gift pack to make the complete package for a holiday trip.
You should order one of the most appealing and simple watches for women on sale here
Crafted with the perfect swiss branding in mind, the Longines lyre two-tone watch is a comfortable watch that will be well appreciated as a gift. The Longines is one of the most durable watches for women on sale during this holiday and like its contemporaries, the Longines prioritizes comfort and elegance. This is shown in the soft line of the watches for women case alongside the dual soft mental that makes the bracelet of the watch. The watch sports black, bold romans numerals that read the hours, gold tone hands all encased within the clear watch face. The date display is conveniently located at the three o clock mark. The band bracelet is one impressive work of art, made from stainless steel with yellow PVD coating at intervals giving it a solid feel that is not so common in watches for women. That is where the watch got the name two-tone from obviously.
To order for your Longines women lyre two-tone watch, click here
What comes to the mind at the sound of the word ‘aquaracer’? The Tag Heuer is obviously a brand that is highly obsessed with performance under pressure, durability and flexibility. This has been repeatedly demonstrated by the watches for women and gentlemen as produced by the brand. The Aquaracer combines style, luxury and glamour into one watch and then spices it up with sportiness. Featuring a 35mm stainless steel case housing the behemoth, you instantly have the feeling that you have gotten a worthwhile gift if you got gifted with the Aquaracer. Of course, the watch is not made to disappoint. The silver-tone stainless steel bracelet supports a uni-directional bezel, the silver-tone hands and diamond hour markers are crafted exclusively to impress. It lives up to its name, Aquaracer, giving resistance of up to a thousand feet in water. The overall finishing is impressive as well, it is a must have item of the watches for women on sale.
You can order here
Get the holiday started on the right note, come bearing the gift of a watch and you can be sure that the holiday gets spicy.

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